The University of Augsburg was able to complete initial preparations for the measurement campaigns. So was, inter alia, a third LOAC was put into operation as part of the comparative measurement at the aerosol measuring station of Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. Furthermore, a first prototype of a bicycle holder was developed on which in addition to a Alphasense OPC-N2 also a digital temperature and humidity sensor (Almemo FHAD46-C2, Fa. Ahlborn) can be attached. In addition, adaptations were made to improve the ventilation of the OPCs.
However, before starting the bicycle measurements, all Alphasense OPC-N2 will participate in the comparative measurement for all individual devices for at least a few days at the aerosol measuring station of Augsburg University.
Initial tests were also carried out for the UAV measurements, furthermore a sensor box with meteorological measuring instruments and a mounting plate for the Alphasense OPC-N2 being developed for the DJI-M600pro multicopter. Both were tested within the scope of the project “Urban Climate Under Change” at the IOP3 in Berlin and first experiences with longer measuring flights of multicopters could be gained. One result of the preliminary tests is that the ventilation of the sensors also has to be improved.

If you are more interested in how the UAVs work, how they are measured and how they can be used, simply contact us or the project partner University of Augsburg.