Since the beginning of October 2017, the first functionality and measurement operating tests have been carried out with GRIMM devices. As part of the first comparison measurements in Pouch (production site of GRIMM) and at the measuring container in Augsburg, the “Scientific Scouts” for the SAQN measuring network are put through their paces with a reference device (EDM164). The following practical tests are in the main focus:
- Easy commissioning or installation on site,
- Connectivity,
- Measuring operation and data upload,
- “Remote Control”,
Signal evaluation and algorithm in preparation for field calibration for different PM values,
- Robustness of the measuring devices for outdoor continuous operation and
- Failure rate and bug fixes.
If you are more interested in the mode of operation, measurement methodology and application possibilities of the Scientific Scouts, please do not hesitate to contact us or the project partner Fa. GRIMM Aerosol Technik.