University of Augsburg participated from 07.15. to 07.23.2019 at ISARRA (International Society for Atmospheric Research using Remotely piloted Aircraft) in Lugo, Spanien. Two posters were presented:

  • Petersen E., A. Philipp, J. Redelstein: First 2.5 dimensional results of intensive operation periods for evaluating a Smart Air Quality Network in Augsburg, Germany
  • Redelstein J., E. Petersen, A. Philipp: Determination of the boundary layer height with unmanned aerial vehicles Andreas Philipp gave a presentation and slides can be found here, at the ISARRA Website
  • Philipp A., C. Beck, L. Glawion, A. Groos, A. Langhein, E. Petersen, J. Redelstein, M. Roith, M. Schörner, A. Straub: Boundary layer variability observed by unmanned aerial systems in Berlin and Stuttgart for model validation

UAG also participated in the flight days:


Preparation for the flight ready

Drones are ready